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Dawn of SWIR sensing for consumer applications

Existing silicon-based sensors have an upper sensing spectrum limit near 1000nm, so InGaAs/ InP-based sensors are commonly used when it comes to the SWIR spectrum sensing which has many key features that cannot be met by Si sensor, despite their much higher cost and difficulty to integrate with CMOS circuitry. In light of this, Artilux has developed the Aware Series, a unique SWIR sensing product line based on its renown GeSi technology to address the dilemma among cost, required features, and performance. To meet the growing market demands including hearables, wearables and pocket-sized mobile devices, Artilux Aware Series offers cutting-edge monolithic design with integrated sensing array and multizone, powered by proprietary ultra-low power sensing architecture to maximize the diversified user scenario coverage with faster time to market.

Aware the near, activate the care

All-in-one hyper-spectrum ranging module | Hearables and Wearables

The all-in-one hyper-spectrum ranging module enables multiband spectral optical sensing with both LED or VCSEL (vertical cavity surface emitting laser) to optimize sensitivity, power consumption and flexibility in TWS earbuds, watches/ bracelets/ wristbands with health monitoring and biomedical signals sensing, and other hearable and wearable system configuration. Artilux Aware Series provides a turnkey solution featuring compact integration unattainable by legacy InGaAs/ InP technology.

  • Feature-rich optical sensing from NIR to SWIR powered by ultra-sensitive GeSi sensors
  • Material identification
  • High sensitivity with high dynamic range
  • Compact form factor and cost-effective production readiness at 12” CMOS platform
  • Maximum use of battery life by smart environment detection
  • Complete fault detection and best eye-safety compliance

Under OLED display ranging sensor | Handheld Devices

Under-display proximity sensing is evolving due to the growing full-screen trend for mobile handsets and needs for larger screen and better user experience in consumer market. Artilux has developed a unique SWIR ranging platform for cost effective, OLED/ TFT interference free under-display proximity sensors for our partners and customers.

  • Remove bright flashing spot caused by display interference at NIR range
  • Eliminate TFT display degradation related reliability issue
  • Avoid OLED interference by leveraging SWIR sensing
  • Advanced optical sensing invisibly behind OLED/ TFT displays
  • Always-on power-saving smart detection
  • Compact form factor and cost-effective production readiness at 12” CMOS platform

Aware Platform by Artilux

  • State-of-the-art CMOS SWIR sensing technology integrated with customized IP blocks
  • Strong value-add and feature-rich with low power consumption at the right cost
  • Compact foot print for flexible and scalable product and package design
  • Faster time-to-market for SWIR sensing related applications in a mobile device

Artilux Aware Series

Our unique SWIR sensing product line based on its renowned GeSi technology can be adopted for diverse verticals and applications. Please reach us to learn more about our ATLX-AD-PA5, ATLX-AD-PF7, ATLX-AI-CL1 and other offerings to accelerate your business growth.


Integrated GeSi Sensor with Amp


Integrated GeSi Sensor with Amp & DAC


Multi-access SWIR detection controller

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