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Assistant Engineer

Job Type : Full-Time
Location : Hsinchu (Taiwan)
Post Date : 2023/03/01

Summary :

Artilux is looking for an engineering assistant/technician to support the RD work.

Roles & Responsibilities:

Support the RD work

  1. Basic engineering work, include but no limited to: build, assemble, test, and rework electronic/optical devices and PCB
  2. Use instruments like oscilloscopes, power supplies, signal generators, integrating sphere, … etc. to do the electronic/optical measurement and debug work
  3. Inventory (e.g. boards/components/jigs/… ) management
  4. Others as assigned by the manager

Requirements & Qualifications:
  • Education: High school diploma in Engineering, or higher
  • Experience:
    1. Hands-on experience in functional verification of electronic/optical components/devices
    2. Hands-on and fluent with lab equipment: digital multimeter, signal generator, oscilloscope, power supply, integrating sphere, ...etc.
    3. Quality soldering & rework skills
    4. Able to manage multiple tasks at once
    5. Needs to be able to work independently

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