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Human Resource/Recruiter

Job Type : Full-Time
Location : Hsinchu (Taiwan)
Post Date : 2023/09/28

Summary :

• We are counting on your solid HR expertise to attract top talentsto join like-minded teams.
• Your creativity and execute capabilities are highly valued, and we will work together to enhance the overall employee experience through offering courses, events, and welfare measures.
• We seek individuals who are proactive, detail-oriented, and positive communicators and collaborators with strong problem solving skills.
• Our corporate culture is open with a flexible working environment and flat organizational structure.
• We aim to support you in your human resources career, enabling you to play as a strategic partner of the company, rather than just an administrator.

Roles & Responsibilities:

• You will be expected to confidently and independently manage all people operations, including recruitment, appointment, registration, transfer, and separation. You will leverage your exceptional personnel interview skills to ensure these operations are carried out timely and under legal requirements.
• You will be responsible for annual human resources budget planning and daily management and control operations. With your expertise, you will effectively analyze the effectiveness of recruitment channels and provide valuable insights and recommendations for recruitment resource planning.
• You will confidently analyze and plan the workforce utilization rate and ensure that the headcount allocation is rational and efficient, to meet the company's workforce utilization goals.
• You will be accountable for organizing and executing transfer-related operations, system maintenance, and people communication, to enhance management and execution effectiveness.
• You should be able to independently manage the welfare committee, facilitate the operation of company activities and groups, conduct the disbursement of welfare funds, promote employees' work-life balance, and improve the efficiency of various welfare businesses.
• You should implement the annual training and development plan courses, evaluate the classes' effectiveness, improve the course content quality, to enhance overall training performance.
• You will be able to implement human resources programs that reflect the organizational culture and core values in welfare committee-related activities and training courses.
• You will be able to proactively evaluate existing human resources systems and processes and propose preventive solutions or improvement measures.

Requirements & Qualifications:

• Knowledge of human resource laws and regulations such as the Labor Standards Act, Employment Service Act, and Organization Regulations on Employee Welfare Committee
• Understand the operation, function and job responsibilities of various departments in the high-tech industry
• Familiar with recruitment pipeline development skills and operation of recruitment platform
• Knowledge and experience in course implementation and learning effectiveness evaluation methods
• Experience in employee welfare activity and event management
• Ability to use multimedia tools and software to produce employee communication materials

Other qualifications:
• Affinity: Able to show understanding, friendliness, empathy, care, and courtesy to others and develop and maintain good relationships with people from different backgrounds.
• Proactiveness: Able to do things proactively without instructions or requirements from others, take immediate action to solve problems, and be willing to take additional responsibilities to achieve goals.
• Learning: Able to demonstrate the ambition of self-improvement, take advantage of and actively participate in various opportunities to learn new knowledge and skills and effectively apply them to specific tasks.
• Integration: Possess diverse and innovative thinking and ability to search, obtain, and integrate internal and external resources.
• Experience in HR function in ICT industries preferred
• Having an Internship/Part-time job or school club experience is preferred

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