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2023/11/15 Taipei, Taiwan

USB-C AOC Technology & Application Seminar

In mid-November 2023, UL Solutions, a global expert in the field of safety science, collaborated with Luxshare-ICT and Artilux to host the USB AOC Technology and Application Seminar in Beitou, Taipei. The seminar featured experts from various fields and provided comprehensive insights into the latest developments in research, production and testing for USB-C AOC.

The seminar, co-sponsored by business partners such as Tri-lights Optical and Speed Tech, attracted nearly 60 industry professionals. And it combined UL Solutions’ expertise in certification testing, Luxshare-ICT’s extensive manufacturing experience and Artilux’s innovative technology in optical fiber transmission chips. The active participation and enthusiastic sharing with other industry professionals at the event provided a diverse perspective on the USB-C AOC industry. 

More details please find the press release by UL Solutions

1115 event_web all.jpg

For registration please go to https://taiwan.ul.com/events/2023-usb-aoc-technical-seminar-taipei/


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